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Yachts sailing on Sydney harbour

5 Reasons I Love Sailing (and think you should too!)

I have been sailing my whole life. Growing up in Nova Scotia, my parents had a small yacht that we would muck about on in the warmer summer months (which don’t...
winter sailing, why you should be sailing year-round

Winter Sailing – Why You Should be Sailing Year-Round

As the crisp autumn air moves in, it can be tempting to pack up the sailing gear and go into sailing hibernation until spring. In my native country of Canada, many people...
Shibumi manages their crew with MySail

2017 MYC Woman’s Challenge on Shibumi: How a Great Sailing Crew Made the Day

I had the good fortune of being able to skipper Northshore 369 Shibumi in this year’s MYC Woman’s Challenge. With clear skies, sufficient to moderate winds, and a great sailing crew,...