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Yacht racing articles, tips and resources for yacht owners and crew. Improve your crew management and on-water performance.

Yacht race log for continual performance improvement

Improve your Performance with a Race Log for your Yacht

A race log is a great way to record data and information at the end of each race to help continually improve your yacht's performance. Logging and analysing data is done in...
Get your race debrief down pat

Why a Crew Debrief Should be Part of Your Post-Race Program

Your post-race debrief is a useful tool to help continually improve your race performance. This should be a regular part of your post-race activities. Just like de-rigging and cleaning up the yacht...
Plan the Perfect Pre-race Brief

The Perfect Pre-race Brief

Your pre-race brief will ensure crew are informed and ready for the race. A good time to do this is before leaving the dock or as you’re motoring out to the start...
Checklist - Prepare for yacht race day

Checklist: Prepare for Race Day

Want to have a great day on the water? There are a few things you should do to make sure you and your crew are well prepared. Confirm Meeting Place and Time It...
5 Tips to improve Onboard Sailing Crew communications

5 Tips to Perfect Race Communications on your Yacht

Effective communication on your yacht can go a long way towards helping you win races (and of course, have fun). Have you ever been on a yacht where someone is constantly barking...
Confidently sailing in windy conditions

Infographic: Sailing in Windy Conditions

Sailing in windy conditions can pose a big challenge for skippers and crew, especially if you're not prepared. To help you plan for a windy day and feel confident while out on...
Successfully Manage Sea Sickness

Infographic: Tips for Managing Sea Sickness

Don't let seasickness get you down, or worse, keep you off the water altogether. With these tips you can keep seasickness at bay and enjoy your sailing. Want to read more about...
Learn how to get out of trouble when something goes wrong on a race yacht

Whoops! What to do When Something Goes Wrong While Yacht Racing

Avoiding mistakes is the best way to stay out of trouble while yacht racing. However, we all know that sometimes, things will go wrong. Being prepared to deal with gear failure and...
Plan and Train for a MOB on a Race Yacht

Is your Crew Prepared for an MOB? Sailing Yacht Safety Training Tips

Is your Crew Prepared if Something Goes Wrong? MOB (man or person overboard) and safety training will make sure you and your crew are prepared for an MOB or emergency situation...
5 Ways to Improve Safety for your Yacht Race Sailing Crew

5 Tips to Improve Crew Safety on a Race Yacht

Keeping crew healthy and happy is an important consideration when racing, and especially if you're planning a passage or long offshore event. Improve crew safety on your yacht with a few simple...