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Get Sailing Fit - Fitness Program for Yacht Racing

Get Sailing Fit

Physical fitness is important for any type of yacht racing; from your casual twilight sailing to long offshore events. The more intense regatta racing or long offshore events may require a...
Get you Crew Sorted; Build and Manage your Sailing Team

Get your Crew Together; 5 Things to Do in Between Races

Don’t let your crew fall apart in the off-season. If you’re taking some time off sailing during the winter, or even in between your regular racing, try planning some extra events to...
Sail Trim Tips

Sail Trim; Tips from the Experts

Most sailors know how to pull on or let off a sail and how to adjust the various sail controls, but understanding the finer points of sail trim and how to...
Yacht Race Tactics; 5 Things you Should Know

10 Tips to Improve your Race Tactics

Want to make some gains on the race course? We’ve scoured the web to collect 10 top tips on how to improve your race tactics. 1. Learn to manage risk & return Sometimes, it...
Racing Rules of Sailing

Quick Guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) govern the sport of sailing on the water. Produced by World Sailing, the Racing Rules of Sailing are revised and published every four years. The current...
Get your Sailing Crew up to Speed

Get Your Race Crew Up-To-Speed; Tips, Tools & Resources

At the beginning of a new sailing season or when bringing new sailing crew into your team, it’s important to make sure everyone’s up to speed with how things work on...
5 Tips to Help Build your Sailing Crew

5 Steps to Build a Winning Sailing Crew

Whether you’re putting together a crew for a new yacht or have been racing for years, finding and managing a regular crew can be a challenge. We’ve complied these 5 steps for...
5 Sailing Qualifications Every Sailor Should Have

5 Sailing Qualifications Every Crew Should Have

Getting some sailing qualifications under your belt not only increases your knowledge and confidence, but can also help you secure some new and exciting crewing positions. the RYA Competent Crew course is...
5 Pieces of Gear to Keep Crew Safe Onboard a Race Yacht

5 Pieces of Gear to Keep Crew Safe On-board a Race Yacht

Safety is a key consideration when sailing. To help keep you and your crew safe on-board, here are 5 pieces of safety equipment you may want to use while racing. PFD –...