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How do Sails Work? Understand the Physics of Sailing

The Physics of Sailing; What You Should Know

Ever wonder how a sailboat sails into the wind? Or why, as you build speed, you can point closer to the breeze? When under sail there are a number of different forces...
Know your sailing knots - how to tie common knots

Know your Knots; How to Tie Common Sailing Knots

An important skill for any sailor is knowing how to tie knots. In this short video, we'll show you how to tie a bowline, figure eight knot, rolling hitch, reef knot and...
Racing Rules of Sailing

Quick Guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) govern the sport of sailing on the water. Produced by World Sailing, the Racing Rules of Sailing are revised and published every four years. The current...
Refresh your VHR marine radio skills

Radio Refresh – Guide to using a VHF Marine Radio

A VHF marine radio is an important communication tool for anyone heading out on the water, including those participating in a yacht race. Why use a VHF Marine Radio for Communication? As well...
5 Sailing Qualifications Every Sailor Should Have

5 Sailing Qualifications Every Crew Should Have

Getting some sailing qualifications under your belt not only increases your knowledge and confidence, but can also help you secure some new and exciting crewing positions. the RYA Competent Crew course is...
5 Pieces of Gear to Keep Crew Safe Onboard a Race Yacht

5 Pieces of Gear to Keep Crew Safe On-board a Race Yacht

Safety is a key consideration when sailing. To help keep you and your crew safe on-board, here are 5 pieces of safety equipment you may want to use while racing. PFD –...
8 different types of yacht racing

8 Different Types of Yacht Racing

In this guide, we cover some of the different types of keelboat racing. Twilight racing - Social evening (or afternoon) racing held throughout the summer months. Often two-sail, but sometimes with the option...
6 Ways to Go Sailing and Lessons Learned

6 Ways to Get Involved in Sailing (with Lessons Learned from my Personal Journey)

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already a sailor. Or maybe you’re an aspiring sailor, looking for your way into the sport. Whether you’re new to sailing or have decades of...

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