Fans brought closer to the action than ever with SailGP Insights, a new data platform powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Fans brought closer to the action than ever with SailGP Insights, a new data platform powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

SailGP Insights, SailGP’s new offering, provides fans with detailed real-time race data and officially launches ahead of the Australia Sail Grand Prix on December 17-18

London, ENGLAND – December 9, 2021 – SailGP is proud to officially launch SailGP Insights, a new online dashboard that provides fans with vast amounts of data from the identical hydrofoiling F50 catamarans that feature in the purpose-led, global racing league.

SailGP Insights perfectly complements SailGP’s broadcast partners’ coverage, enabling fans to access in-depth information about the world’s most exciting racing on-water, while watching the live event feed.

Every second of every race of each SailGP event will be tracked by SailGP Insights, and fans can follow all eight teams on the dashboard to discover and understand key in-race statistics and incidents, with all the data pulled from the boats in real-time.

SailGP Insights is powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), delivering real-time data to fans worldwide – as well as the eight teams themselves and SailGP’s broadcast partners.

SailGP Insights will be available for the very first time at the Australia Sail Grand Prix presented by KPMG, to be held in Sydney on December 17 and 18.

With over 30,000 data points coming out of an F50, there will truly be something for everyone on SailGP Insights, from the typical race information on a boat’s position, time and current leg, to more in depth technical data to enable fans to get true insights on what it takes to compete at the highest level and the complexities of the hydrofoiling F50.

Additionally, information on ride height and ride time – key indicators of how well the F50s are being sailed by SailGP’s world-class athletes – will also be available, as well as the current boat speed in real-time and the maximum speed of each boat during a specific race. The direction of each boat and the live wind speed are also shown on the dashboard. Away from the specific boat data, fans will also be provided with alerts of key race incidents. From Season 3, SailGP Insights will also display wingsail data, rudder differential data and foil pitch movement.

Warren Jones, Chief Technology Officer at SailGP, said: “With the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and particularly Oracle Stream Analytics, SailGP can stream millions of real-time data requests from each F50 and create insights that give a perspective of the data a SailGP team would be using.”

“SailGP Insights harnesses thousands of data points instantaneously to give fans an immersive and unrivalled experience,” said Scott Newman, Vice President of Cloud Engineering, Australia and New Zealand. “It’s a great demonstration of the power and performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and we are proud to have SailGP unveil it for the iconic Sydney Harbour event.”

SailGP Insights powered by Oracle Cloud can be accessed at View the SailGP Insights explainer video here.