HHWC 2018

Getting a bit of cabin fever? You’re not alone! 

The current COVID-19 crisis has got a lot of sailors down, but it doesn’t mean we need to sit around and wallow in our sorrows. Instead, every Wednesday evening, grab a beer (or a wine, vodka, whatever you’re into!), jump online and catch up with some fellow sailors. 

We will cover a different topic each week in these interactive events and will have a variety of speakers along to tell their story and share their knowledge. You can join the conversation or just sit back and listen in. 

For our first event this Wednesday (1 April) we have the awesome Lisa Blair joining us to share her many solo sailing adventures and tips on how to manage extended periods of isolation.

Interested? Simply log into the online meeting every Wednesday at 7pm Sydney time (or your local equivalent) to join the discussion. We’ll also stream the interview live on Facebook and record each session so you can listen in later. 

Happy (online) sailing,
Deb (MySail Founder)