steering the course womens sailing festival 2021

October 8, Friday – As part of the 10-day series of Global Women’s Sailing Festival “Steering the Course”, Deborah Dalziel, MySail Founder and Women’s Sailing Representative at Middle Harbour Yacht Club (MHYC) hosted an online breakfast showcasing four inspirational Australian women and their sailing journeys.

Supported by the IOC Development Fund, Steering the Course aims to introduce women and girls across the globe to the sport of sailing, as well as encourage alternative pathways for those already within the sport, such as coaching or officiating.

There were 3 speakers present: Nina Curtis, Lisa Blair, and Alice Tarnawski & Bryony Gregory. Please see the video of their interviews below.

Nina Curtis

Olympic silver medallist Nina Curtis has previously competed in the Ocean Race (previously called the Volvo Ocean Race) and is currently representing Australia in SailGP.

Lisa Blair

With three world records already under her belt, Lisa Blair is preparing to set off again in December with the aim to set the solo and unassisted record to sail around Antarctica.

Alice Tarnawski & Bryony Gregory

Alice and Bryony are the first-ever all-female double-handed entry in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Hear how the pair are planning to tackle the notoriously challenging race with the added difficulty of trying to prepare during COVID lockdowns.