"BLACK MARLIN" 33ft TRIMARAN on the Silverrudder Race 2021 | Photo Credits to Team Trimaran

The legendary “Silverrudder Race” – Challenge of the Sea, is the greatest single-handed sailing event in the World. Around the island of Fyn (Denmark) with 400+ boats/participants.

This year the wind conditions were very good and Jan Andersen was not only able to win the line honors (first ship in the finish overall) with his “Black Marlin” trimaran but also set a new record time in 14:08:53 (before15:01:05).

During the race, Jan overtook 430+ boats. That alone is a record in itself. A reason to celebrate …..

Jan Andersen and his team after winning silverrudder race 2021
Jan Andersen and his team after winning Silverrudder Race 2021 | Photo Credits to Team Trimaran

After winning the “Vegvisir Race” (double-handed with Roland Gaebler) two weeks ago, the Silverrudder Race is the second great victory for Jan this year.

They have seven starting groups in the city of Svendborg. The first one (monohulls mini) is going on the course at 10.00h. The last group is (multi-hull large) starting at 13.00.

Again, it’s a tactical challenge to find the right path between all the islands around Fyn in the Danish archipelago. But that’s exactly what makes it so exciting and challenging.

Fyn in the Danish Archipelago

Jan is not only the helmsman from this full carbon rocket but also the designer and builder of this multihull which is also used on great cruising adventures. This summer he had wonderful weeks with his family on the west coast of Sweden. The years before, they made expeditions in the fjords of Norway.

“That is exactly what fascinates me about this trimaran. This is not only very fast and a serial winner in major races, but also offers very good comfort for long adventure tours. Combining all of this so well in one multihull is simply awesome” explains Roland Gaebler.

Spacious and Comfortable loft of "BLACK MARLIN" 33ft TRIMARAN
Spacious and Comfortable loft of “BLACK MARLIN” 33ft TRIMARAN | photo credits to Team Trimaran