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MySail Sail Racing News - Sailing & Yachting News From Around The Web

Happy hump day sailors,

Welcome to winter for our Southern Hemisphere readers! Although the weather might be getting colder, there is still lots of sailing happening in the south, and of course for our friends in the north, both the weather and the sailing is starting to warm up.

If you read my newsletter last week, you’ll remember I called out some recent disappointing behaviour on social media and made a call for people to be more supportive and positive with how they treat each other in the sport. It was great to get a number of people respond in agreement with this desire and some suggestions of their own – I’ve included a few of them here:

Emma from Australia suggests that using more gender neutral language can go along way to creating a more inclusive culture and help women feel welcomed.

Ellie from Canada points out that we should recognise that different people have different points of view, and that we should try to be respectful of these.

James from Australia suggests that leading by example and is a much more effective way to create change than throwing around negative comments.

Viki from New Zealand points out how excessive yelling onboard can make people feel very uncomfortable and put some people off sailing all together (you can read more in her article ‘Are you a Shouty Skipper?’ linked below). 

Thanks to everyone who responded!

Enjoy reading some of the latest sailing news and stories from around the web.

Until next week, happy sailing 😊⛵
Deb Dalziel
Founder, MySail


Sailing News from Around the Web

Sailing News from Around the Web

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The 1970s is often referred to as the ‘Golden Era of 18ft Skiff Racing’ as it produced large, competitive fleets at both the Australian 18 Footers League and Sydney Flying Squadron, a strong, fleet at the Brisbane 18 Footers Club on the Brisbane River, and an incredible era of progress and achievements for the New Zealand designers, builders and competitors at the Auckland Sailing Club.

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Whisker Poles and other IRC Prescriptions

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