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MySail Sail Racing News - Sailing & Yachting News From Around The Web

G’day sailors,

It’s been a bit of a slow week in sailing, but I managed to pick up a few tidbits that I think you should enjoy.

The first is a story of a fellow Canuck who has just finished a solo circumnavigation, navigating with just a pen, paper, charts and a sextant. I also found an article from our friends at Sail-World about a self-propelled and GPS-guided racing mark technology that can be used to assist with race management.

There are a couple of great how-to’s, an article from the archives about the importance of keeping a proper lookout while sailing, and an update on the CYCA’s recent windless winter race.

For our regular Dockside with Deb viewers, there is no session today, but we have a great speaker lined up for next week so stay tuned for more information to be shared soon.

Until next week, happy sailing 😊⛵
Deb (MySail Founder)

Sailing News from Around the Web

Canadian Man Ends Epic Round-the-World Solo Journey using Celestial Navigation

Bert terHart set sail from Victoria, B.C., on a solo journey around the world nine months ago with just a pen, paper, charts and a sextant navigation instrument to chart his course.

From | Read full article.

A Conversation with Kevin Morin About the MarkSetBots

When I first heard of MarkSetBots a handful of years ago, my initial impression was that these self-propelled and GPS-guided racing marks could significantly ease the workload for Race Committees. Should the wind shift or the tide change, as it’s wont to do on racecourses around the globe, the RC could just tap a few virtual buttons on a smartphone and quickly square-up a course.

From Sail-World | Read full article.

Finishing Techniques

Ed Baird explains the important and subtle nuances of finishing a sailboat race at the favored end of the finish line. Originally published in Yacht/Racing Cruising, February 1985.

From Sailing World | Read full article.

Barging and the Racing Rules of Sailing

The Racing Rules of Sailing are in their essence simple, with six pages providing the bulk of what you must know. However, at times the rules collide with each other such as in Case 146 which details when two boats approach the start line…

From Scuttlebutt Sailing News | Read full article.

The Importance of Keeping a Proper Lookout while Sailing; a Close Call

I was reminded today of the importance of keeping a proper lookout at all times while sailing.

From MySail News | Read full article.

Winter Series – Race 6

After a week of gloomy and wild weather, many were itching to get back out on the water and make the most of the exciting conditions. However, the conditions which eventuated were not conducive to a race being held.

From the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia | Read the article.

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