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Plan and Train for a MOB on a Race Yacht

Is your Crew Prepared for an MOB? Sailing Yacht Safety Training Tips

Is your Crew Prepared if Something Goes Wrong? MOB (man or person overboard) and safety training will make sure you and your crew are prepared for an MOB or emergency situation...
5 Ways to Improve Safety for your Yacht Race Sailing Crew

5 Tips to Improve Crew Safety on a Race Yacht

Keeping crew healthy and happy is an important consideration when racing, and especially if you're planning a passage or long offshore event. Improve crew safety on your yacht with a few simple...
5 Pieces of Gear to Keep Crew Safe Onboard a Race Yacht

5 Pieces of Gear to Keep Crew Safe On-board a Race Yacht

Safety is a key consideration when sailing. To help keep you and your crew safe on-board, here are 5 pieces of safety equipment you may want to use while racing. PFD –...
Windy Conditions at the CYCA Winter Series.

Sailing in Windy Conditions – Top Tips from Skippers and Crew

Sailing in windy conditions can pose a big challenge for skippers and crew, especially if they’re not prepared. Offshore racers especially need to be prepared for high winds and their associated sea...
cold water survival while yacht racing

Cold Water Shock; the Underrated Killer

At MySail, we're passionate about helping yacht owners and sailors get out on the water more often and enjoy the pleasure, excitement and camaraderie of sailing. However, we also want to...
Tips for managing sea sickness in a yacht race

Tips for Managing Sea Sickness During a Yacht Race

As the saying goes, the best cure is prevention, and a truer word has never been spoken when it comes to seasickness. Yes, we said it, seasickness. Seasickness can strike even the most...

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