With a Strong Wind Warning issued by the Bureau of Meteorology the PRO, Denis  Thompson, advised owners and tacticians in the morning briefing that racing would be  conducted inshore today. 

Shifting breezes kept the race management team on ‘Offshore’ on their toes with the  course changing a number of times throughout the day. 

An on-water umpire is in place for the regatta to clear any boat-on-boat protests  immediately with a one-turn penalty. 

All races were two lap windward/leeward courses and Race 1 results were Outlaw from  CYCA/RSYC, Blue Tack from MHYC and Good Form from NCYC. 

Race 2 was won by Nutcracker representing Sandringham Yacht Club, followed by Zen  and Edake. The point score lead then changed again after Race 3 when Good Form crossed ahead of Outlaw and Nutcracker. 

The final race of the afternoon brought some excitement with a submarine surfacing in  the middle of the course on the last run before Outlaw finished in first, followed by Edake  and Nutcracker. 

After Day One Outlaw, steered by Tom Quick with David Chapman calling tactics and a  young crew including recent Hardy’s Cup winner George Richardson, on board returned  to the CYCA with the Boat of the Day battle flag flying proudly. Jeff Carter’s Edake  representing MHYC in second place and Nutcracker in third to round out the placings. 

Back at the club the crews enjoyed some cold drinks while watching the America’s Cup on the big screen after a day of close racing.