Last weekend sailors all over the world participated in the 5th annual Bart’s Bash.
Bart’s Bash is the world’s largest sailing event, run by sailing clubs, community sailing
programs, sail training centers, yacht clubs, scout groups and sea cadets all over the world.
It was launched in 2014 where the first Bart’s Bash inspired over 700 sailing clubs from more
than 60 different countries to take part in their own Bart’s Bash with the goal of
encouraging more people, especially young ones, to try the sport, get on the water and
enjoy a day’s racing.

Here are 5 things you should know about Bart’s Bash:

1. Fund Raising
More than a race, Bart’s Bash is a fundraising event. The funds raised every year are
used to support its charitable activities. Some of its key charitable activities include
–(1) carry out ground-breaking academic research into the benefits of regular sailing
participation, (2) deliver seven community sailing programs across four sailing
watersports centres, breaking down barriers to participation, and (3) train sailing
club volunteers to become RYA Dinghy Instructors and RYA Senior Instructors, to
name some.

2. The event is for the Legacy of Andrew “Bart” Simpson
Bart’s Bash was established in honour of the legacy of Andrew “Bart” Simpson. The
Andrew Simpson Foundation (ASF) uses this event to raise funds and to remember
Bart – a double Olympic medalist who tragically died at the age of 36 while training
for the America’s Cup in 2013. He passionately believed that everyone should have
the chance to try sailing and enjoy the benefits it brings. Thus, the event was
launched to increase participation in sailing and improve the lives of young people.

3. Guinness World Record Holder
Bart’s Bash was verified by the Guinness World Record as the “Largest Sailing Race
in the World” when it was launched in 2014. Sir Ben Ainslie, an Olympic sailing star,
accepted the official Guinness World Record Certificate on behalf of Bart’s Bash in
2015. During the event’s launch, an incredible 9,484 boats took water to race at 237
locations worldwide.

4. The Event has continuously grown since it launched
Bart’s Bash continues to grow year on year. At present, the event has taken place at
100s of venues, with 1000s of sailors in 100s of different classes of boat around the

5. Bart’s Bash has helped many people participate in sailing
Since its launch, the funds raised were able to help thousands of young people
access regular sailing sessions who, otherwise, could not afford to. What is new this
year is that participating sailing venues also have the opportunity to raise funds for
their own sailing projects, using the Bart’s bas event as a platform. With the

continuous awareness about the event and the foundation, the bigger the difference
can be made in helping the next generation and improve the lives of the unfortunate
young people.

Save the date! The next Bart’s Bash is scheduled for September 14 – 15 2019.