Keeping it Clean at Hamilton Island Race Week
Keeping it Clean at Hamilton Island Race Week

Woo Hoo its Hamilton Island Race Week again, and looking forward to fantastic racing, weather and sportspersonship!

As I was packing to head up to Hammo, I couldn’t help but think about the environmentally friendly initiatives that the fantastic Ocean Race sailors have been promoting alongside 11th Hour Racing.

Into my bag went a keep-cup for my morning caffeine boost and reusable water bottles that I can refill each day for racing. Water on Hamilton Island is totally safe and tested, and bottled water is a waste of plastic and water, and shocking for the environment.

It’s a such a small change to make, but makes a big different to the impact we make on the world around us.

So, all sailors, partners, support crew, deck crew – remember to pack your reusable beverage and food containers so we can all work together to reduce waste at this great event.

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