Five Top Tips for Connecting with Crew & Skippers through MySail
Five Top Tips for Connecting with Crew & Skippers through MySail

Whether you’re into something fast, fun, competitive or cruisy, there’s likely something out there that’s right for you.

Keeping your yacht or crew profile up-to-date, being proactive and replying to messages in a timely fashion all help you connect with the right sailors or skippers.

Here are five top tips to help you find your perfect new crew member or sailing position:

1. Keep your profile up-to-date.

If your availability or preferences change, it’s quick and easy to log into MySail and edit your profile. Making sure this is up-to-date will help skippers and crew who view your profile to better understand if you’re a good match, before they message you.

Click the ‘Edit Profile’ button to easily edit your crew or yacht profile.

2. Hide & Unhide your Profile

Use the ‘hide’ function to remove your profile from the search page if you’ve found your perfect position or no longer looking for crew. When you hide your profile it is no longer visible on the search page, and you can simply tick the box to ‘unhide’ at anytime, if you want to start connecting again.

Control visibility of your yacht or crew profile in MySail.
Control visibility of your profile with the tick box at the bottom of the Yacht or Crew Profile page.

3. Be Proactive

Be proactive in messaging skippers and crew. Our most active members have the best success rates in finding that perfect crew or sailing position.

4. Reply to All Messages

Make sure you reply to messages, even if you’re not available or not interested. Part of this is just courteous – after all, you’d want people to reply to you – but if you don’t reply, chances are you won’t be invited along again when something more favourable comes up.

5. Communicate

Communicate before the race to make sure you know what’s expected of you, or the abilities of the crew you invite along. If someone is new or not used to the position they’re assigned, this may affect the race, so it’s better to know and plan ahead.