Get you Crew Sorted; Build and Manage your Sailing Team
Get you Crew Sorted; Build and Manage your Sailing Team

Don’t let your crew fall apart in the off-season.

If you’re taking some time off sailing during the winter, or even in between your regular racing, try planning some extra events to keep everyone engaged and involved in the team.

This not only helps crew get to know each other better, but can provide other valuable benefits such as training, boat familiarisation, fitness and more.

To help, we’ve pulled together 5 ideas of things to do with your crew in between races.

Plan a social event for your sailing crew

Everyone likes a night out, so why not plan a dinner, drinks or other social event with your crew. This can be an easy way to get your team together and a great crew bonding experience.

Try some sail training

Head out for a couple of hours of sail training to get your crew back in the zone. This is especially useful if you’ve had a lot of time off sailing, or leading into a large event.

If you’re not able to head out for some on-water training, then off-water training can also be valuable. Sit down with your crew to talk through manoeuvres or emergency procedures. You can use this time to put together your crew manual or position playbook. Check out this blog post on how to get your crew up to speed for more ideas.

Work on the boat

Boat work provides practical experience for crew and helps familiarise them with every aspect of the yacht. By getting help from crew to clean, store and service parts of the boat that they are able, it also means you’ll have several people on-board who can help find or fix things when out on the water.

Set-up a group fitness program

Fitness is important when racing, and a great way to help your crew get, and stay fit, is to set-up a group fitness program.

This will not only provide the obvious fitness benefits but will help crew learn each other’s physical strengths and weaknesses.

Plan a weekend away with your crew

Not everyone has time to hit the road for a few days, but if you do, this is another way to get your crew together in between races.

Before heading offshore for a multi-day race, heading away for a few days together on land can help everyone learn how to get along, and identify any potential personality clashes.

It’s also a great way for crew to learn more about their fellow teammates and have a lot of fun at the same time.