Plan the Perfect Pre-race Brief
Plan the Perfect Pre-race Brief

Your pre-race brief will ensure crew are informed and ready for the race.

A good time to do this is before leaving the dock or as you’re motoring out to the start line.

A lot of this should have already been reviewed by skipper and crew before arriving on race day. The pre-race brief provides an opportunity to cover anything crew may have missed and provide a refresher to make sure everyone is on the same page for the race.

Here are a few key things to cover in your pre-race briefing:

  • Expected weather, wind, tide and sea state for the race;
  • Race format – start time, course details, course marks, etc;
  • Any rules or instructions in the SI’s that are out of the ordinary;
  • Crew position assignments;
  • Planned start and race tactics;
  • Safety instructions or reminders.

Infographic - the perfect pre-race briefing